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Web Site News and Updates

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

11/14/2010    The whole website went down, so it gets a quick rebuiild with a new gallery from jalbum. Added the concept and 3d art ChaingunStudios did for the AMD Froblin Demo back in 2008. I also added some art I made while working on StarCraft II.

05/02/2007     Flickr photography!

04/26/2007     The movie I worked on last year, Baby, will be screening in LA May 6th!  It's a pretty good little drama with GREAT VISUAL EFFECTS!  :)  I'll be there!

09/11/2006    Last Week I got to see the first showing of the movie Baby at the Arclight theater in LA.  Freaking cool!  It also doesn't suck that I got some great billing.  Props to Jason and Jason  at Affiliated and all the rest of the crew on Baby. 

Mid August, I got a chance to whip up a little website for the Lamcor Group

On a different note, lots of my plans have been on hold until the new expansion pack, World Of Warcraft: the Burning Crusade is complete.  Look for ChainGunner Girl to keep being worked on... just more slowly.

04/18/2006    It been a year since I've been doing updates!  My bad.  All that time wasn't wasted.  I did nearly 75 Visual FX shots for the movie Baby.  There is also have a ton of new cool stuff to unearth in the next few weeks.  The Torque game character, ChainGunner Girl is also coming around nicely.  More to come!

03/29/2005    New layout once more.  Changed the whole gallery section to use the flash banana Jalbum.  There's at least 10 new pics plus I'm starting to put out hints of the first product from

12/18/2004    Major changes in the gallery section.  I had a harddrive meltdown and found I had improperly backed up my own site.  Its taken some time just to get it back together, but updates will be much easier to do now.

07/01/2004    The new site is all together... finally.

06/29/2004    A little redesign of the site is in.  Now it should work with Mozilla and other browsers.

05/26/2004    An Artist Bio of Rob McNaughton and a Links page has been added as well as a revamped Feedback form. 

04/25/2004    It looks like Foxconn will make some prototype Computer cases off my designs.  Pretty Cool.  I also have added the Old Stuff Gallery.

04/20/2004    I've been busy working for Affiliated Entertainment on a new trailer.   I have a pic from it in the New Stuff Gallery as well as a new Computer Case Design.

03/11/2004    The Now picture has been added to the frontpage.  The NewStuff Gallery has been started.  

02/06/2004    The Random Gallery and the Quick Sketch DSG Gallery are in fully.  Check 'em out.

01/28/2004    The Galleries starts to build

08/10/2003    The website starts

Picture of The Now: Froblins! Concept Art for the 2008 AMD Demo


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